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Back of photo says: 
"Please return this photo
as it is the only one I have.
George T. Becker
Grundy Center, IA
Also has a date on it of 6/15.1911
Unknown Family Photo Album
Over 35 yrs ago in a hotel in Lakeside OH., some left a valued family photo album.  This was a resort hotel, near Marblehead and Port Clinton.  The hotel was ready to throw away the album when it closed, but a member of our family took it for safekeeping.  Since then several peoole have tried  to find an owner or family member, never with any success.  It's time to try again.  It is a very ornate album and although the alubum is not in great shape, the photos have been stored carefully and are in very good condition.  No definitive family name but several are more prominent.  Below are the photos and IF they have any thing on the back I have listed it below the photo.  Inside the front cover,written in pencil, it says:  "A present to Mary from her mother".

I will add several each night until all are scanned. If you recognize these as family members please let me know.  I will only return this to a family member as it is not for sale for profit.

Thanks, Sandy
No names on the back but they were together in the album and were taken at Kohler's Studio in Pasadena, CA.
This is one of the worst photos.  Front and back of the photo.
No names, but it appears to have been taken in Grundy Center, IA.
No name but a small marking not noticeable in the scan that says:
"Charles C. Frost Studio" Grundy Center, IA.
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