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The Kastner Family in
Philip' Peter Kastner's father was born in 1686 in Lauf an der Pegnitz. Although Christian's christening was in the records of St. Johannis Parish, Christian nor any of the family ever showed up again in the Lauf records in later years. No family ties to any other Kastner in the records has been found.  Where was the family between 1686 and 1723, when Christian showed up the the Thaleischweiler-Fröschen parish records in 1723, over 200 miles from Lauf?  Although no additional records have yet been found, the birth record of Philipp Peter Kastner gives some insight into the economic situation under which the family was living when Philipp Peter was born the 9th of April, 1732

Below is an extract from the original records:
Picture of the church was taken in 1960. by Andreas Brosch.
A Marriage Happens

Who knew that when Philip married at the age of 27, it would be the beginning of a dynasty destined for America.

The marriage entry for Philipp Peter Kastner is extracted as below:

"Philipp Peter Kastner, the single cow herder at Frösch, legitimate surviving son of the  deceased Christian Kastner carpenter here, and Catharina Elisabetha….Hanß Adam Kleinen the potash distiller in Burgalben’s legitimate single daughter.  The bride is truly a Catholic but she has promised that all the male and female children will be of the Evangelical Lutheran religion...were married the 30 Oct [1759]."   The surname was very   hard to read, it does appear to be Klem, however the actual signature shows the name to be Klein. Additional records confirm this.

Witnesses were Johan David [?] and Johann Georg Gampfer of Neufröschen.   Also in attendance was the bride’s father.

The bit of information about the bride promising to raise her children in the Lutheran religion although she was Catholic. gives us some additional insight into the family.  It was just over 10 months later when the next Kastner was born.   
Philip Peter Kastner
"Philip Peter is born the 9th April from Anna Ottilia, Christian Kastner the poor caprenter in the hut (or cottage) by the stone bridge, was at hme baptized the 10th of the same month.  Godparents were Peter Fischer, the weaver from Höheinöd, Philip Taufkirch, the single weaver from here and Christian Hüttemayer from ? (too hard to read)."
Philip was married at the age of 27 in the church at Thaleischweiler.  Looking the picture below, can you imagine Philip and Anna Ottilia being married here?
Altar of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Thaleischweiler.  For additional pictures click here.
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Thaleischweiler was a poor town then and now, so this indication of being "poor" is significant.  Many of the Palatines were leaving the region for the New World this area during this time due to religious persecution.  What caused this misfortune in this family is unkknown.  Was it caused after they moved here or did something else drive them here?  Only continuing research may give us some hints.

Philip was the not first child born to Christian and Otillia.  Click here for additional children.