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Cosner/Kastner Genealogy
1.  LEONHARD1 CASTNER married AGNETI ?(Agnes?) According to the baptism records of his son Christian, Leonhard  was a journeyman carpenter of the "Untern Thor" Lower Gate in Lauf an der Pegnitz in 1686.  Although his age is not known, it is assumed that he may have been in his 20's at the time of this birth because he was identified in the records as an apprentice.  No records have been found identifying Leonhard's parents, his marraige nor his wife's maiden name. No marriage, death or additional birth records are shown for this family in Lauf after Christian's birth, indicating that sometime after Christian's birth, the family left the area. The search still continues and although I'm researching some possibilities, nothing has been confirmed. Church records indicated that he lived by the Lower Gate. (see photo to right.) Names on the baptismal record of his son Christian show the spelling of his mother's name as Agneti, his brother's record Johann Leonhard shows it to be Agnes.

There was another family of Kastner's (Hans Kastner family) in Lauf at about the same time, and although they are very prominent in the church records, it isn't believed that they are a direct tie to our Leonhard. 
Generation  No. 1  Leonhard Castner

Known children of LEONHARD CASTNER and AGNES are:
CHRISTIAN2 KASTNER, b. 15 December 1686, Lauf, Mittlefranchen, Bayern,  Germany; d. 27 May 1751, Thaleischweiler, Germany.
b. 25 July 1684, Lauf, Mittlefranchen, Bayern,  Germany.
(No additional information has been found)

Generation No. 2  Christian Kastner

2.  CHRISTIAN2 KASTNER (LEONHARD1 CASTNER) was born December 15, 1686 in Lauf, Mittlefranchen, Bayern,  Germany1, and died May 27, 1751 in Thaleischweiler, Germany2.  He married (1) ANNA OTTILIA FUCHS. It isn't known whether
Anna Ottilia Fuchs and Christian Kastner were married in Thaleischweiler.  The marriage is not in the records, which are only available from 1720.  Christian first showed up in the Thaleischweiler records in about 1723 with the birth of his daughter Anna Barbara. 

Descendants of Christian Kastner & Anna Otilla Fuchs
......+Anna Otilla Fuchs b: abt 1696 m: abt 1720-23 d: 23 January 1739 Thaleischweiler, Germany.
....3  Anna Barbara Kastner b: 31 January 1723
....3  Christian Kastner  b: 02 March 1725 in Thaleischweiler, Germany d: Abt. 1766
....3  Phillip H. Kastner  b: 29 August 1728 in Ilmstein, Germany d: 25 September 1794 in
       Thaleischweiler, Germany    
Phillip Peter Kastner  b: 09 April 1732 in Froesch, Pfalz, Bayern, Germany
       d: 11 May 1819 in Hardy County,  Virginia (now WV)

....3  Johan Jakob Kastner b: 28 November 1737 in Thaleischweiler-Froschen, Germany              
       d: 26 January  1762 in Thaleischweiler, Germany
    3  Adam Heinrich  b. Ilmstein/Pfalz Germany

Descendants of Christian Kastner & Elisabetha Catharina Vollhardt
..... +Elisabetha Catharina Vollhardt b: Abt. 1707 in Neufroschen m: 04 June 1740 in 
         Thaleischweiler, Germany d: 29 November 1757 in Thaleischweiler, Germany
....3  Anna Maria Elisabetha Kastner b: 09 August 1742 in Neufroschen, Germany d: 09 September
        1779 in Neufroschen, Germany
....3  Georg Theobald Kastner b: 14 March 1745/46 in Neufroschen,, Germany d: 25 March 1746 in
        Neufroschen, Germany
....3  Johann Gabriel Kastner b: 30 November 1748 in Neufroschen, Germany d: 28 March 1752 in
        Neufroschen, Germany
Lower Gate In Lauf - Records indicate that the Castner family may have lived near here. 
This research is still in progress.   Although some may not agree with some of the content of this research, sources are available for the majority of it.  I make however, no guarantees. It will be noted if information has not been documented.  Most of my documented research on the Cosner family has been on my direct line with a special emphasis on the ancestry in Germany. The following pages include only some of the information that I've researched.   With the exception of the German information, only my direct line is listed on these pages.  I share this information freely, but only the content ,not the web page or formatting. Credit would be appreciated if this information is used.
Unless noted,  the photographs of Lauf and Thaleischweiler on the following pages were taken for me by James A. Derheim of European Focus Photography and are copyrighted.
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